A 100 acre Coal Ash Pond closure effort on the East Coast was halted due to an unexpected occurrence. When the excavation contractor began digging rim ditches into the layer of ash to facilitate dewatering, unexpected high levels of Selenate were discovered, and influent levels of Selenium to the existing treatment plant of total Selenium had jumped from 10-20 ppb to 75+ ppb (over 50% of the total Selenium was in the Selenate form). The pond cleanup effort was shut down due to the effluent exceeding the discharge permit levels.

An online inquiry on April 28, 2018 delivered a solution to remove Selenate from the water treatment plant effluent to less than 5 ppb. The answer for our customer ProAct Services was the installation of a SeleniumZero® system to polish the existing effluent.

In five months, a multi-million dollar operation which was unexpectedly halted to a standstill, is now running a 500 GPM SeleniumZero® system, removing Selenate and meeting the discharge limits of 6 ppb total Selenium. This new system has processed over 100 million gallons of water as of February 15, 2019, and the utility customer is happy. 

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